Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunny Leone out of Bigg Boss 5

Sunny Leone out of Bigg Boss 5
Sunny Leone is out of Bigg Boss 5. All her hopes of winning the reality show were quashed when she was voted out by the viewers of the show during the weekend.

Sunny Leone had entered the show in November and had gelled well in the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house, happily doing the tasks given to her. But what makes Sunny Leone happiest is that she got to learn to cook Indian food inside the house.

“This show was so much fun! Bigg Boss kept giving me dancing tasks. So my dance skills - especially my Bollywood moves - have improved. Also, my Hindi kept improving week by week, and it is a lot better now. But I was happiest about learning how to cook a variety of Indian food,” Sunny Leone said after her eviction.

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